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Welcome to First Pacific Capital Underwriters Pty Ltd

First Pacific Capital Underwriters Pty Ltd (FPCU), based in Sydney, Australia, is a boutique Financial Services company. We provide Financial Engineering and Capital and Portfolio Management services. Our Capital Management service includes assisting clients in the acquisition or sale of businesses. We use securities to raise capital and secure finance for government instrumentalities, commercial real estate and corporations. Our business strategy is to combine the energy of a specialist team with the massive strength of large financial institutions, major property groups, joint venturers and overseas investors.

FPCU was established in 1989 since when it has been active in providing financial services in the:

Energy Sector

Biotechnology Sector

Property Sector

Mining Sector

Infrastructure Sector

FPCU identifies closely with major companies in Australia and Asia. FPCU represents the business interests of Australian and Asian companies and facilitates investment by these companies in the Asia Pacific